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Decide on a subject. It might be any historical occasion, or a manufacturer, or a country of origin.

Alternatively, just get hold of a bunch of toy soldiers and play with them until you find those for which you have a preference. Your preference could, for instance, be for those that you possessed when you were young, to which you could add all those which you might have wished for then, but did not have.

Think about what sort of budget you would like to spend. This will direct you to various sources of supply, see under Buying and selling

I'm going to add a fairly lengthy list of collecting ideas to this page in due course. In the meantime, have a look at my own favourites under Personal collecting

Collecting by historical period - re-create all of military history in toy soldiers

  • Ancient - Egyptians, Mesopotamia, Greeks, Romans, Barbarians etc
  • Medieval
  • Sixteenth Century - Conquistadores, Turks etc
  • Seventeenth Century - English Civil War
  • Eighteenth Century - Marlborough, 7 Years War, American War of Independence
  • Napoleonic wars
  • Crimean War
  • American Civil War
  • Colonial Wars
  • Franco-Prusian War
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Modern warfare

Sub-sets of this by country, region etc

Collecting by manufacturer - can you find everything made by particular makers?

  • Britains original hollowcast - Ancient (pre-1915), mid-war, post-war (1945-1967)
  • Britains recent production metal figures
  • Britains and Herald plastic figures
  • Timpo pre-plastic (hollowcast and other materials)
  • Timpo plastic
  • John Hill and Co

Don't forget civilians

Further information from links - can't do it all myself! Interesting Links