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My latest venture is the construction of this website.

In ten years or so of putting stuff into it, I am still nowhere near finished, so watch this space to find more about my collecting career to date.

At present I am the Toy Soldier expert at C & T Auctioneers, where I am putting on a minimum of three specialist toy soldier and figure sales a year.

For my day job, I was a Book Club Editor, and used to edit The Arts Guild, The Railway Book Club and The Fantasy and SF Book Club. I also edited the Military and Aviation Book Club for many years.

As a boy I started collecting at the age of four, and when other boys lost interest, I kept going. My first reference collection was of plastic figures, and I acquired 7,000 examples, after which I became interested in going back in time to hollowcasts. My goal became to represent toy soldiers made by British manufacturers, 1893 to 1973.

At its peak, my collection reached about 65,000 figures, and in 1985 I exhibited the cream of them at the London Toy and Model Museum

In 1980 I started to catalogue toy soldiers for Phillips auctioneers, an activity which I have continued ever since, then at Christies, recently at Bonhams and now at C & T Auctioneers.

As this site continues to develop I hope to share my enjoyment of various collecting facets, as well as adding pictures of items which I am particularly interested in, such as the 16th Lancer specials seen below.

These superb 16th Lancers come from one of the few large collections of specially painted Britains to surface from the 1930s. Britains never produced regular sets of the 16th lancers trotting, the normal set 33 being at the halt.

For more details on my own collection, go into my personal collecting section.Personal collecting