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Britains Toy Soldiers, The History and Handbook 1893 - 2013 is now available from the Publisher, Pen and Sword and all good bookshops, as well as online. My thanks to all those who waited three years while the publisher sorted out the designer to work on this. It's here at last!

This book complements my previous books on Britains (see relevant tab) with my views on the last twenty years added to an overview of the first 100 years, plus all the hints and tips for collectors that I have amassed over fifty plus years of collecting and cataloguing.

It is intended as a companion  to my previous book, below, which set the scene for today's collector in more general terms.

Enjoy, I trust.

Published 31 October 2011   Price £30.00.

The direct from author numbered and signed edition has been closed at 80 copies only.

As with most new books, Amazon, the publishers or many other book outlets will be glad to sell you a copy discounted from the published price.

The book contains approx 60,000 words, with 20,000 words of captions and 222 colour photographs, detailing how the world of toy soldier collecting has changed over the last twenty years plus.

With twenty-five years more collecting under his belt, James Opie shares his continuing fascination with Toy Soldiers. In the interim, the world has changed. The internet, digital photography, changing collecting fashions and the continuing evolution of toys and production technology have each had a profound effect.  

James Opie reveals how all of this can be put to good use in the enjoyment of the artistry, historical significance, craftsmanship and sheer intellectual exercise in collecting toy soldiers and models today.   Once more, James Opie takes beginners by the hand and leads them by personal example through the opening stages, in a way that will be a nostalgic delight for those who already travelled. Arriving at a mature collection, he discusses research, display, storage, and above all the thematic selection which ensures that each collection is an individual delight for the collector, unique and inspirational, no matter how large or small the collecting budget.  

Thanks to his more than thirty years experience as a toy soldier valuer and cataloguer at Phillips, Christies and Bonhams, James Opie is able to inform his book with comments on prices, investment opportunities and market trends. But there are many other rewards to collecting than taking advantage of rising prices.  

Twenty-five years on from his first introduction of his chosen hobby to other collectors and a wider public, James Opie reveals how his world has changed, largely for the better.