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The Isaac Gutman Collection Part II, including Britains, CBG Mignot, Heyde, and other fine pieces, with Civilian, Bullfighting and Circus figures.

The William C. McDade collection of Heyde, Hausser-Elastolin, Lineol and Tinplate vehicles, with other properties, German solidcast Josef Bischoff boxed set of soldiers and tinplate vehicles, Heyde Charge of the Light Brigade, Arctic Exploration, Haile Selassie etc. (thirty-five lots) Composition and tinplate (sixty-two lots)

Britains hollowcast: Pre-war (twenty-four lots), un-numbered boxed sets, boxed small size, Between the wars (forty lots) including a version of U.S.Infantry in peak caps never previously noted, and Post-war (twenty-five lots) including light green monoplane, with original photographs of Britains 1930s trade displays at British Industry Fairs etc.

The Courtenay Collection of the late Lt-Col. Anthony Clarke, M.B.E. (lots 1301-1329) with other properties of Courtenay and his successors (total seventy-one lots), original photographs and notes once belonging to Richard Courtenay.

Civilian (fifty-one lots) Britains including Autogiro, Open Tourer, Adult Giraffe and trade sample box, Taylor and Barrett, Timpo Big Game Hunt

British Hollowcast including RARE early Hill, Hanks, Reka and other figures

Plastic figures including Britains Eyes Right American War of Independence in original boxed sets and trade boxes

Lucotte and CBG Mignot: early figures with green bases, Lucotte Cavalry, Infantry and no.2 size, some in original boxes (forty-four lots).

All sales catalogued by James Opie, and fully illustrated on the Bonhams website.