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Included in the 22th February 1917 Toy Soldier and Figure Sale at C & T:

Early Britains hollowcast 1896 - 1918, Paris Office, Golden Age of hollowcasting 1919 - 1941, Twilight of hollowcasting 1946 - 1966, Britains recent issues and Limited Editions, top class conversions and repainting.

Civilian figures, Farm boxed sets and Motor Vehicles etc.

Plastic figures: Timpo, Wild West and Medieval, Britains,  and others.

Heyde and Noris, Elastolin and Lineol, CBG Mignot etc.

Online from now until the sale at the-saleroom.com

The next following Toy Soldier and Figure Sale at C & T will be on 7th June 2017. Entries are already arriving - last day to enter is 15th April 2017.

Sadly the sale below was the last that I undertook at Bonhams.

The Bonhams Toy Department is now closed.

I and my colleagues have all joined C & T AUCTIONEERS, selling all sorts of toys and dolls at The Spa Hotel, Royal Tunbridge Wells, just a short trip from central London.

The first Toy Soldier and Figure Sale will be on WEDNESDAY 21st OCTOBER 2015 (see above)

Highlights from the last sale at Bonhams are given below:

Britains set 21 from 1897, with abnormal content, sold for £450
Britains unusual First World War austerity box, included in a 200 piece
       childhood collection from 1917 - £320
Britains Zulu Kraal set 188 with scenic backdrop - £320
Britains gun teams and horse drawn vehicles 1906 - 1938 - four lots, total £2,350
Britains set 322, Drums, Fifes and Escort of the Coldstream Guards - £380
Britains Cameronians £450
Britains Barrage Balloon and Anti-Aircraft £450

Heyde No.2 size Camel Corps - £1,700

New Toy Soldiers by Trophy and others depicting the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War, 280 pieces - £600

Prices given WITHOUT Buyer's Premium