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I give free valuations for large or small quantities with a view to selling - e-mail or call - see home page

I will make your collection famous, when you wish to sell. A large collection could even have its own sale and catalogue - what a marvellous souvenir of a collecting career, which will join the great collectors on the shelves of toy soldier afficionados. The catalogues that I put together reach all the major buyers world wide, whether they are on the internet or not, so this is by far the best way to sell rare and valuable toy soldiers.

Whatever you have to sell, I will sort it out for you and make sure it is correctly described. You will have no worries that anything has been missed or not presented to its best advantage for sale. Maybe I will find something that you never knew was extraordinary. I photograph most items at a modest extra charge to appear on the internet on the Bonham's website. See the Home page for sale dates and deadlines. To get a good position in the catalogue, please don't wait until the last moment.

I have been doing this now for nearly thirty years, and although it can be hard work, what I have learned from handling more than two million figures during that time has made it well worth while. Nothing is more fascinating than opening up a new parcel of old soldiers that has come in to be sold.

At the bottom of this page, I give some additional interpretation of the shorthand descriptions that I use when compiling the catalogues I write. When buying, it is good to know exactly what I mean.

The best way of never missing a sale is to have the catalogues sent to you on a regular basis. They are quite expensive, but provide an essential library of pictures and descriptions afterwards, particularly if you add the list of prices realised to them.

Catalogue subscriptions - Ring +44 (0) 1666 502 200

The scale of condition of paintwork, for instance, runs from M = Mint to P = Poor, with graduations between these indicated by E = Excellent, VG = Very Good, G = Good and F = Fair.

From time to time if I think that the condition is neither one nor the other, I would place it between the two, by saying G-F, i.e. Good to Fair.

The problem with any scale of condition is that one mans Good might turn out to be another mans Fair. It is worth reading what I have to say about this in the front of any of the catalogues I have written over the years, although before 1999 I had not included the term Very Good in the scale.