Toy Soldiers is a video game of strategy and action that was released in 2010 on Xbox Live Arcade. This game is downloadable, and players may control many soldiers, tools, and weapons to attack an opposing army. It comes with a World War 1 theme that sets German and British troops in a battlefield. Every force has machines, guns, explosives, tanks, and planes to use and defend against attacks. In both the multiplayer and single-player segments, players have to send away armies who are invading their toy box. If an enemy succeeds in invading the box, the player loses, and he’s forced to start the mission again.

The Gameplay

Players can repair, establish, and upgrade control units as they want to. As with other games of strategy, restoring and improving costs cash. But destroying enemies and controlling weaponry unit awards money to players. Two different individuals play Multiplayer over the Xbox Live. These players have the freedom of creating attack and defending plans to ensure they win against their opponents. The gameplay concentrates more on the movable units, such as tanks instead of the permanent turrets. It also offers players the liberty of changing control units to inverted tanks.

Downloadable Contents

The very first downloadable game for the Toy Soldiers is Kaiser’s Battle. This pack that was released on 2010, June comes with more features, such as the following:

  • New units
  • Army skins

Invasion is another downloadable content for toy soldiers. The game adds more mini-campaigns, including the famous RoboBob boss, three achievements, survival map, and more multiplayer maps. These new players in the game control the army in Germany against the secret and lethal British weapons, such as space tanks, fire tanks, valiant knights, and spacemen.

Toy Soldier Campaign

The mode of this game follows the approach of tower defence to access playable units, including tanks and planes. Basically, the campaign in this game follows various scenarios that are named after the battles in World War 1, such as the following:

  • Ancre Battle
  • Polygon Woods Battle

Based on the setting of this game, campaigns provide the standpoint of the army in Britain. Moreover, the levels in the campaign comprise of different opponent waves, and at times resolving problems at the boss prizefight. The boss fight consists of Uber Tanks and Tsar Tanks. These bosses may destroy tool boxes no matter how enemies have invaded. Tsar Tanks originate from Russia, and they are recognized for their design and shape. These tanks move slowly and can be trounced by using Howitzer guns.

On the other hand, Uber Tanks are imaginary weapons made by the Germans. They look similar to the mobile artillery that was employed by the famous Nazis in World War 2. The weapons are tasked to run over the emplacements of players.

Levels in This Game

Toy Soldiers at Unibet table and slot games have four different levels. These levels range from the casual level to elite. The hardest levels compel players to manipulate their units directly at a time. However, for them to control the units, they need to pay attention to the victory conditions.

Awards for Players

Players get ticket products, such as coffee and cigarettes as awards. However, they can only get the awards if they complete the mission on every level. These ticket products are usually displayed at the game’s menus.

Concluding Remarks

Toy Soldiers will remain to be one of the entertaining videos in the gaming industry. Some gaming providers offer this game to ensure customers are entertained throughout the day. Hence, whenever you want to take part in this video game, ensure you learn everything about it, including its campaign, levels, and gameplay.