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Hello, and welcome to the personal website of James Opie.    Last update 10 June 2017

New additional C & T Sale date Tuesday 10 October 2017 - The Jeanne Burley Collection

This is a single owner one day sale in addition to the regular sales

For what is in the sale ask me for a free email leaflet (see contact details below) or subscribe to the catalogue on the C & T number above.

My next regular sale with C & T is on Tuesday 5 December 2017 at 10.30 am

The sale will be online at the-Saleroom.com. around ten days beforehand.
You may bid via the-Saleroom.com after registering well before the sale starts, whether you prefer to leave autobids in advance or bid live online during the sale. This service incurs a 3% additional Buyers Premium +VAT.
On the other hand you may prefer to place bids directly with C & T.
Ring +44 (0) 1233 510050, or email enquiries@candtauctions.co.uk.

Entries for the sale on 5 December 2017 are being accepted until mid-October 2017 (room in the sale permitting).

All entries are catalogued and photographed for the internet by myself. Closing dates for all sales are six weeks in advance of the sale date. If you have figures you would like to enter, please contact me now.

If you have toy soldiers, farm animals and equipment or any other type of toy figure, have questions about them, want to know what they are worth, or how to sell them, from anywhere in the world, through C & T Auctioneers, I am glad to help. I will give FREE VALUATIONS by email from lists and/or photographs.

Email me at jamesopie@yahoo.co.uk or alternatively phone me on +44 (0)20 7794 7447.

You can leave a message if necessary.

If you have a large collection, ask me for details of how we could sell it with the best possible and enjoyable outcome for you - perhaps a special personal individual catalogue - for instance during my recent career at Bonhams, in 2009 I catalogued the lifetime Britains collection of Dr William C. McDade. Just to view this magnificent collection was a story and an education in itself. The whole sale is still available to see on the Bonhams website, nearly 400 lots covering the entire Seven Ages of Britains.

In 2011 I offered the Gene Johnson collection of Composition and Tinplate, and the Isaac Gutman collection of Courtenays. On 7 June 2012 it was the Stewart Saxe collection of 1950s hollowcast toy soldiers and figures. Now at C & T I am cataloguing the collection of Jeanne Burley, assembled over the course of fifty years of collecting. Sale date will be 10 October 2017 (see above).

Middlesex Yeomanry, first version, in my opinion some of the prettiest toy soldiers ever made. Britains first made them in 1898, and they are worth about £100 each.   

I have been a toy soldier collector from a very young age, and have tried out many different facets of collecting and related hobbies. The expertise I have acquired has enabled me to write about toy soldiers and catalogue them for auction, which I have now been doing for over thirty years. 

If you would like to meet me in person, or have me sign one of my books, I hope to be at the next London Toy Soldier Show Saturday 10th June 2017 at the Business Design Centre, Islington, in London. I hope to see you there, but to make sure, please ring me at the number above.

Details of the London Toy Soldier Show are on the website of Toy Soldier Collector magazine who are the sponsors. These shows, of which there are three each year, are splendid, with lots of extra activities and over a hundred tables, and to all those people I meet on those occasions, hello again.

My E-mail address is jamesopie@yahoo.co.uk

For a flavour of the sort of things I have sold in past auctions, look at the pages for previous sales. The latest catalogue is available online to look at, go to www.candtauctions.com and click the tab latest catalogues. Any difficulties, I can send it to you.

I am happy to give free valuations by appointment if you have too much to photograph and send by email. Please contact me by email or telephone as above.

I am intent on the latest figure to come under scrutiny

The website is divided into three parts, all of which I hope will prove useful to you.

Firstly, an overview of some of the past auctions I have prepared. These pages will tell you what has been for sale, and give you an idea of prices and values, useful both as a buyer and as a seller of toy soldiers.

Secondly, I hope I can answer queries you may have - about toy soldiers or similar items in your own possession, or about collecting, buying or selling.

Finally, I include some of my own experiences and collecting over the highly enjoyable years I have spent in this field, plus information about the books I have written.

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