People collect various miniature replicas for a variety of reasons. Some do it for the love of the artistry that goes into creating such collectibles. For some, it’s about the history and culture represented by the items, others have empty shelves and a lot of free time to fill.

Whatever the reason, amassing a collection of toy soldiers is an engaging and fun activity. However, it’s also a substantial financial investment. One that will accrue interest and rise in value with the passage of time. Therefore, you need to take some time and consider the following before starting a toy solider collection.


Most toy soldier collectibles come in 1/32 scale ratio. This represents a height of 54 millimetres. But, sometimes these soldiers look out of place and lonely when placed in plane display cases. So, you might feel tempted to construct a diorama around them.

This may include elements such as foliage, buildings and vehicles. Therefore, you should consider picking a scale that fits in your display area.


Most collectors do it out of a love for the game and not as an avenue of investment. But it’s nice knowing that your precious figurines are worth something. Some models appreciate in value over a long period and they have to be in mint condition.

Credible Tax Deductions

Toy soldiers displayed in offices and other business premises can qualify for a tax deduction. You can write them off as a business expense. So, ensure to keep all the receipts handy as you check in with your accountant or financial adviser.


Toy soldiers may not be high on a burglar’s hit list. But other risks such as fire can destroy your valuable collection. It’s advisable to take a picture of each new model that you bring home. It’s also wise to file each receipt and invoice in a separate and secure location.

Some insurers require a professional appraisal so you should keep a master list close to help them with this task. You can also use a computer software to document and keep a detailed catalogue of your collection.

Keep the Boxes

Carefully storing the original packaging can save you a lot of grief. For one, your collection will grow and you’ll need a convenient way of storing the older models. This measure also saves you some space in the event that you move to a new home.

Please ensure that all boxes are stored in a cool dry and vermin-free area. Mice and mould love glue and paper.

Hunting Grounds

Novice collectors can suffice on the stock available in toy-shops. However, as your knowledge grows you’ll probably want older and unique models. Shows and rummage sales make for the most competitive hunting grounds. There are also occasional shows and meet-ups in various towns.

You can find out about such events from collector magazines, websites and social media. One way to avoid disappointments with this strategy is taking note of the dealers’ contacts as you search for information. You can even call them up to ask if they’ll have the model in show so you can head to their table and buy the model.

Saying Goodbye to Some Soldiers

There comes a time when every collector wishes to thin his or her stock. Placing a classified ad in a toy magazine is an ideal method. You can also opt to take space in a table show or send your list to a reputable dealer.