Various scale replica collectors hold sales and auctions. Collecting soldiers would be a solitary and lonely past time without such events. This mash-up of events usually has a festival atmosphere to it, which makes it fun to amass more toy soldiers and make some friends. In the past, collectors had to subscribe to various magazines and new letters to learn of such events. Luckily, we live in the information age. So, all you need to do is follow such groups on social media or bookmark their sites. Here are a few rules to consider before engaging in such auctions and sales.

Condition of the Models

You may spend a lot of time vetting photographs as you shop for toy soldiers. 2 terms will help you find an accurate description of what’s inside the box. Such terms are Armies of the World (AOW) and Regiments of All Nations (ROAN).

Understanding such distinctions will save you some time as you look for exactly what you need to add to your collection. Other conditions are the paint and any notable abnormalities or structural damage. The appraised value will also be indicated on the box or the auction lot. It would be best if you also kept an eye out for the estimated manufacturing date and the exact number of models included in the lot.

Grade of the Models

The indicated grade will tell you how new or well-kept the models are on display. Such grades include:

  • 100% New, Mint in Box or MIB.
  • 99% Mint or (M.)
  • 98% Near mint or (NM).
  • 96% Pristine.
  • 90% in Excellent condition or (EX).
  • 80% in Very good condition or (VG).
  • 100% in Good condition or (G).
  • 100% in Fair condition or (F).
  • 100% in poor condition or (P).


There are two main ways to bid on toy soldiers during sales and auctions. These are:

  • On the sale day or pre-sale.
  • If the auctioneer has a website, you can register and make a live bid on the day of the sale.

Such a measure also allows you to make an absentee bid if the event is in a location that isn’t close to you. You can also make a bid by phone, email or any other means. All received bids must be made 24 hours before the sale so take care to avoid disappointment. Also, take note of whether you need to register for an auction before the sale date.


This is ideal for sales that are conducted online. You’ll need to apply a wait and see a strategy to win such bids.


Most toy solider auctioneers and sellers package and ship their models to their clients. So, it’s wise to pay as shipping is done with a priority on who paid first.